200 litre Plastic Drum

Tight head plastic drums

Tight head plastic drums (single L-Ring) are suitable for containing and shipping liquid products such as lubricant oils, chemical products, food products, agricultural products and others. The drums are manufactured by extrusion blow molded from High Molecular Weight-High Density Polyethylene (HM-HDPE). Plastic drums are strong and rigid, resilient, light in weight and easy to handle. The drums can be stored outdoor without the risk of rusting and provide a reliable high performance packaging alternative with our steel drums.

Product Features

  1. Containing capacity 217 litres
  2. The top end is fitted with 2 sets of 2” closures for filling and draining
  3. Available in different thickness of 8.5, 9.0 and 9.5 kgs.
  4. Available in blue color

All drums comply with international registration and certifications such as ISO9001 for quality management and UN regulations for packing and shipping of non-dangerous and dangerous goods in the packing group I, II and III

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