Vision & Mission

Thai Metal Drum Manufacturing Public Co.,Ltd and its subsidiaries commit to be a leading manufacturer of 200 litre steel drum and PET Bottle with high quality in response to meet with the customer’s demand and to build trust as well as create maximum satisfaction in the product of the Company. In addition, the Company will continue to enhance the production capacity, to increase efficiency and to reduce loss from production process in order to manufacture high quality of product with lower production cost. Furthermore, the Company gives an importance on the after sales service by closely monitoring at all times to see if there is any problem or feedback on the quality of product after the delivery so as to further improve the product’s quality.

This would enable the company to create the long term sustainable growth which is above average in the same industry as well as being well accepted by other related parties. In term of personnel management, the Company and its subsidiaries focus on personnel enhancement to maximize employee’s capability and to ensure good employment welfare to the employees at all levels.

The Company commits to operate the business in an ethical manner, adhere to corporate social responsibility and equally treat all stakeholders following to the good corporate governance and ethical principles.